About comparehosting.xyz

Hosting is one of the top requirements of a website. It is the primary factor that decides the website speed. A well-optimized website hosted on an unoptimized server will have poor page speed scores. Such websites provide a bad experience to the users. As moving sites from one server to another is not easy, buying a hosting should be a one-time affair. Finding a web hosting company is confusing. This is because you'll find several hosting companies on web people who claim to be experts have different opinions. For example, according to Mr. A, XYZ is the best web hosting company. Mr. B feels the opposite. He considers ABC as the best host in the business.

CompareHosting.xyz was born to address the issue mentioned above. It make things easy for the users looking for a cheap and reliable web hosting service. It accepts two companies as an input and displays a detailed comparison table of the features, services the company offers to the users. The comparison will not only answer the various queries you might have between two hosting companies but will also help you to find the perfect hosting for your site.

About the founder

Pramod has used managed, unmanaged, as well as shared hosting services of various companies since the year 2012. He has deployed several websites built with manually on an unmanaged cloud server and manages them.